Tron is a simple 16 step, 8 part drum pattern programmer. It isn't as fully featured as others, nor as expensive.

It's designed to be small, cheap and simple to use. It also sits well with GorF and Zira.

I've long been wanting a drum pattern programmer to drive my Chameleon when it's running the fahrenheit soundskin to drive the TR-808 sounds. It uses one Atmel Mega32 micro to do all the leg work. It has MIDI in and MIDI out, four 7-segment displays and 16 step buttons. In addition there is now a 2.5mm power connector, something missing on my previous modules.

I finished coding this over a three week period, with the majority of work being done whilst I was on holiday in late September 2010. PCB's and kits of parts will be available from late October.

The software can be updated via MIDI sysex the same as GorF, so that people without the programmer and compilers can get updates into their sequencer.

A list of features and specifications can be found on the specs page.

For images and movies, visit the Gallery page.