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Gorf is a simple 8 step sequencer. It isn't as clever or complex as the Sequentix P3 nor as expensive as certain other sequencers.

I was bored one sunday, and wanted to build a simple sequencer I could use to test Defender and other synths I was building.

I wanted something simple, small and that only used bits I had lying around, So Gorf was born. It uses one Atmel Mega32 micro, eight pots, ten switches, four 7-segment displays and a handful of other commonly available parts.

Since my original concept GorF has become a full fledged MIDI step sequencer with a lot of extra functionality, including step length, ability to send CCs, patterns can be chained giving you 16 steps and there's the unqiue Bank Play mode, letting you play 8 patterns with varying numbers of repeats and varying order.

GorF is now available to purchase fully assembled with a case by visiting the order page.

The firmware can be updated via MIDI sysex, so that people without the programmer and compilers can get updates into their sequencer.

For images and movies, visit the Gallery page.