About Vaco Loco,

Our aim is to create inspirational and unique instruments which enable the natural creativeness to flow in musicians the world over. We are as passionate about our electronic musical devices as you are about your music. We like to think we remain open to new ideas and techniques and we also feel that sharing our work with the community helps inspire a new generation of electronic engineers.

Our goal is to provide you, the musician, with the best service possible in every aspect of our products and work, from pre-sales enquiries to post sale support.

At Vacoloco we strive to embody five key points in all aspects of our work:


This site, and originally Modulus Music, were born out of a love for electronic music by, Paul Maddox.

Paul has been interested in building electronic musical devices since the mid 1980s, in 2001 Paul demonstrated a prototype version of the Monowave.

In 2002 he started Modulus Music to build and distribute his designs commercially, selling 30 hand built Monowaves globally based on word of mouth. In 2005 after many attempts to bring new designs to the market Paul reluctantly closed Modulus Music.

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You're welcome to browse around the site and have a look. Feel free to contact me for a chat about synth stuff, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you'd like to hear some of Paul's music you can find this here.